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Preventative Kids Dentistry

Conservative Pediatric Dentist in Arlington, VA

Keeping your children strong and healthy is important to us. We believe in in prevention, early detection, and conservative treatment of dental disease. With that in mind, VK Pediatric Dentistry promotes prevention as our top priority - both at home and in our office! We want to prevent cavities before they happen and strengthen young teeth so your children have lifelong healthy and happy smiles. Our specialized team teaches the importance of effective brushing and flossing at every visit and can recommend preventative treatments such as fluoride and dental sealants if necessary.

Making Healthy Choices
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When it comes to healthy teeth, there are two main factors that contribute to wellness - frequency and quantity. Snacking on treats and sugary beverages through the day is very detrimental to overall oral health. Children often gravitate to sweeter and higher sugar foods, but, unfortunately, these foods are often very poor for dental health. The high quantity of sugar gives the bacteria in plaque fuel which leads to decay and cavities. Try to limit sugary foods (such as soda, sweet tea, candies and cookies) and always try to have water after any of these snacks or any meals. Milk has a lot of vitamins but it also contains sticky sugars so always try to water afterwards! Fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese or foods higher in fiber are excellent snacks. By making a conscious effort to have these healthy habits established early, you'll help your child's oral and overall health. 

Brushing and Flossing

The tried and true best way to keep your child's teeth healthy is with consistent brushing and flossing. We know this is easier said than done but setting these habits at an early age makes all the difference. We will partner with you and your child to teach the proper oral hygiene techniques so you can take care of their teeth at home. We make learning accessible, easy to understand, and educational in the office so you'll leave with some tricks and tips. Generally, kids will need help brushing their own teeth until they can tie their own shoes (usually around age 7) so we recommend letting them brush first and then checking afterwards to make sure they did an excellent job. We realize sometimes this can turn into quite a wrestling match but the time invested early on will save them from having dental problems in the future. Over 40% of kids will have a cavity before kindergarten! Start early and let us help!

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Cavities Are Preventable
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Did you know that cavities are the most common childhood disease and are 100% preventable? They can cause painful toothaches and cause issues with feeding, speech, and permanent tooth development. At VK Pediatric Dentistry, we will do everything we can to protect your child's smile.

Two of the most common ways we can prevent cavities are with dental sealants and fluoride treatment. Sealants involve a thin layer of clear, composite material on the biting surfaces of the back molars to protect the grooves from trapping bacteria and food particles. Sealants are an excellent way of giving a little extra help to teeth in the battle against cavities.

Fluoride treatment involves a professionally applied varnish after a cleaning to help restore the minerals and strengthen the teeth through a process called remineralization.

Our Fluoride and Sealants are BPA-Free and Certified Gluten, Nut, and Allergy-Free!

Protect Those Teeth on the Field!

We love sports (Dr. Peter grew up playing soccer, lacrosse, and basketball) but that doesn't mean they're totally safe. Sports are one of the most common activities in which children can injure their teeth.

To protect against dental injury, we recommend kids should always wear a mouthguard. This provides a protective cushion for their teeth, gums, and jaw and can even reduce the risk of consussions. The American Dental association recommends children wear mouthguards when participating in football, boxing, wrestling, basketball, rugby, baseball, cycling, soccer, weightlifting, hockey, or gymnastics. 

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Arlington Pediatric Dentist
Sleep Issues, Breathing Issues, Snoring

Did you know that we screen children for sleep issues, breathing issues, and potential airway concerns at every preventative visit? We check the tonsils, adenoids, airway and screen for any factors that may be preventing your child from being fully rested at night. If we find something, we will let you know what to do next to ensure your child is getting the rest they need!

Special Needs Dental Care
Special Needs Dental Care

The entire team at VK Pediatric Dentistry is highly trained and able to accommodate special needs for dental care. We understand that children with developmental or physical special needs sometimes need a little extra accomodation and we are happy to help - simply give us a call and we will discuss your child's needs and give them the best chance of success at their dental visit!

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Sedation Dentistry

Commonly known as 'laughing gas', nitrous oxide is gentle, safe, and effective for children who may be a little nervous to see us. This, along with our behavior management techniques, allow us to guide your child so remain relaxed and positive during their appointments. After we are done with treatment, they will feel completely normal within a few minutes and can go on their day without any lasting effects or drowsiness.

Sedation Dentistry
Thumb Sucking, Pacifier Use, and Oral Habits

At every visit, our highly trained team is evaluating your child's growth and development and screening for potential problems including oral habits such as thumb sucking, finger sucking, pacifier use, and more! Dr. Peter is able to provide expert guidance, tips, tricks, as well as provide orthodontic evaluation and deliver habit appliances if necessary. We can let you know what is normal, what is not, and what to do to fix these habits before they cause any problems!

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