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Stop The Spread of Germs, Start with your Toothbrush!

Did you know that toothbrushes can be one of the dirtiest parts of a bathroom? Here is some information on how to prevent the spread of germs from Dr. Peter, a pediatric dentist in Arlington, VA.

Oral health is directly linked to a healthy body. Germs and bacteria can accumulate on your toothbrush and cause you to get sick or weaken your immune system so you’re more susceptible to catching an illness.

  1. Wash your hands before brushing. Limit the germs and bacteria that can enter your mouth by using clean hands to brush and floss. Make sure to wash hands after brushing and flossing too. Stop the spread of germs to others in your household by washing them away after touching your mouth.

  2. Perhaps the most obvious is to replace your toothbrush. Most people know they should replace their toothbrush about every 3 months or when the toothbrush just starts to show wear. Using a brush with colored bristles that fade when it’s time to replace it is helpful. The not so obvious way to keep you healthy is to replace your brush if you do feel yourself getting sick and to replace it again after you’re over the sickness.

  3. Keep your toothbrush away from everyone else’s in the house! Airborne bacteria can transfer from one brush to another. Use a toothbrush cover or store brushes separately. Always store your brush upright so it can dry between uses.

  4. If you are sick use your own tube of toothpaste. Don’t share it with the rest of the household. Bacteria from toothbrush bristles can stay on the tube of toothpaste and then transfer to the next person who uses that tube. Either have a designated tube for just your use or put the toothpaste on a very clean finger then transfer it to your own brush.

  5. Make sure to fully rinse your brush after use. Hold brush under hot water to help soften the bristles and loosen particles trapped between them. Switch to cold water and use your thumb to rub bristles to clear away any trapped particles.

  6. Clean the toothbrush holder with soap and water at least weekly.

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