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No-Touch Greeting to Use During COVID-19

Our favorite Arlington Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Peter, discusses some creative and fun ways to keep you and your loved ones safe during this stressful and unprecedented time. To keep your family safe and healthy while receiving pediatric dental care during the pandemic, our pediatric dentist's office has taken numerous precautions. Although some of these protocols may go unnoticed (like infection control, sterilization of the rooms, removing magazines and multiple chairs from the waiting room), here are some fun and creative ways to say hello without touching. Although we will definitely miss our fist bumps and high fives, here are some creative contact less greetings you and your children can try when visiting your Arlington Pediatric Dentist during COVID-19.

1) The Friendly Wave

This is a classic for a reason. Although this may feel strange at first, especially if you're used to hugging, waving is perfectly acceptable.

2) Bow

In Japan and Asian cultures, bowing is an extremely common way to say things like "thank you, I'm sorry, hello, etc". A quick bow is respectful, courteous, and is an option to start or end a conversation. Plus, theres nothing cuter than seeing your three year old bowing to people.

3) FootShaking

No, we aren't dancing but you can "shake" feet. Instead of hand contact, try tapping each other's feet together - just be careful not to lose your balance or kick too hard!

4) Air High-Five

Although physical contact may not be the best idea right now, it doesn't mean you can't give an air high five or fist bump. Just gesture the motion in the air. Kids will get a kick out of it and you can do it across the room.

5) Just Say Hi

Skip the complication and just say hi. Verbal communication is always accepted. A simple hello or goodbye is an easy way to greet someone. Children who are naturally shy may struggle with this but encourage them to speak up and say hello!

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