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Allison's New Puppy, A New Addition to the Family!

COVID-19 has been a difficult time for everyone, especially for those with kids or pets. Trying to navigate how to manage the city with restrictions has been difficult but not impossible. Allison, part of our clinical team at VK Pediatric Dentistry, added a new addition to her family in April: Shadow, a 6-month-old lab mix rescue puppy. With the ongoing quarantine, she’s had to get a little creative, entertaining and socializing her new puppy. Here are 3 of her favorite local spots throughout Northern Virginia (Arlington, Alexandria, Mclean) and Washington, D.C to explore with her new puppy:

Shirlington, VA is one of our favorite spots to go for a long walk, throw the occasional ball, and socialize with other four-legged friends. If you have never been to Shirlington, it is super dog friendly! After our long walks in Virginia’s summer heat, we love to treat Shadow to a yummy snack at Dogma Bakery. This cute cafe is filled with so many goodies ranging from freshly baked dog treats (he loves their pumpkin biscuits) to fun toys!

Glencarlyn Dog Park

Another spot we frequently like to walk to is Glencarlyn Dog Park. There are a variety of trails in the park, so you always have a different adventure each day, but Shadow’s favorite part is the stream that flows throughout the park. After going on a long walk, Shadow loves to swim in the stream, roll in the sand and play fetch with a stick.

National Mall

To get a change of scenery, sometimes we bring Shadow to Washington, D.C. to walk the National Mall. We begin our walk at the Lincoln Memorial, who I like to call Big Abe and walk all the way down to see the U.S. House and Senate. It was a perfect venue for photo-ops.

Besides our frequent adventures, Shadow loves to chew his rawhide bone, play with his wobbler filled with cheerios, play tug of rope and sometimes chase after his cat brother, Sully. Shadow has provided us with companionship and so much happiness during COVID-19.

If you have any ideas for activities to do with four-legged friends in the area, please send me an email at or let me know at your next appointment!

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