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5 Tips For Avoiding Pediatric Dentist Phobias

Our Arlington Pediatric Dentist weighs in on how to keep patients comfortable at their dental visits. We are experts when it comes to keeping young patients comfortable and calm at the dental office. It's definitely natural for some children to feel apprehensive or nervous when they are in an unfamiliar and new situation. Our team works their hardest to create a comforting, welcome environment filled with positive vibes and non-stop smiling. Sometimes, your help is needed to make your child's visit to the dentist truly wonderful.

Use These 5 Tips to Make your Child's Dental Visit More Successful

1) Start Early or Start Now.

Establishing a dental home for your child as soon as possible is a key to successful future visits. Research has shown that introducing your child to the dentist at an early age allows them to get used to all the new sights, sounds, smells and understand that dental care is a normal part of good health and nothing to be afraid of. This allows for more successful visits for future appointments (if necessary) and provides a a safe place in case of emergency.

2) Be Careful with Word Choice

Talk to your children about their upcoming appointment but avoid certain words that may cause them to be fearful. Pediatric dentists have their own language and often use terms to make things sound pleasant, fun, and much less frightening but try to avoid words including needle, shot, drill, pain, hurt, etc. Our dental team is experienced and will explain each step of the visit to your child in kid-friendly and appropriate terms.

3) Expect Some Resistance - They're Kids After-all!

Although we wish we could wave our magic wands and have a perfect experience every time, it's very likely that children may wiggle, whine, or cry until they get used to coming to the dentist. Our staff is highly trained to handle every situation individually with patience and professionalism. Your child will soon begin to trust our team of smile makers and let us provider the proper care they need to ensure happy and healthy smiles!

4) Choose a Reward!

Most of the time for celebrations we treat our children to something sweet (ice cream, cake, etc) but try not to do this after a dental visit because it can negatively reinforce the healthy habits we tried to teach at their dental visits. Try to choose a non-food or sugarless reward such as a movie night or a fun experience for their bravery.

5) Positive Reinforcement for Good Oral Hygiene!

Dr. Peter is here to protect healthy teeth and to heal any teeth that may be unhealthy with cavities. Educate your children! By teaching them the role of a dentist they can begin to associate the dentist as someone who cares that their smiles are healthy, vibrant and beautiful for their entire lives!

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